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Romance Travel

A romantic vacation offers invaluable experiences and unique opportunities
to explore, relax, cozy up, and savor the moments with your special someone.
For a honeymoon, anniversary, engagement, or just spending time together …
romantic getaways are important at every stage of life.
Build a strong foundation, reconnect and rekindle your passion,
celebrate your enduring love … whether you travel to a seaside escape,
a retreat in the mountains, or a cultural city tour,
each trip is a magical start to the rest of your life together.

Planning the perfect romantic getaway for you is our specialty.

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Romantic Getaways

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& Engagements

Romantic Getaways

Romantic Getaways

Traveling with your sweetie is a great way to get to know them
and yourself even better, whether you have been together for several years
or just a few months. Romantic getaways can be very affordable and still quite luxurious. 


At Kensington Traveler, we have planned everything from grand vacations in
Bali, Thailand, the Maldives to African Safaris in Kenya to magical journeys to see the
Northern Lights in Iceland or the amazing life of the Galapagos Islands. 

Or, perhaps you just need to escape for a quick, but relaxing adventure

and a cruise is just what you’re looking for. From Miami and Fort Lauderdale,
there are many comfortable cruise options to choose from.


Dream the type of vacation that you and your partner would like to enjoy
and we can help make that dream come true.


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The honeymoon will lay the foundation for a beautiful and enduring marriage.
It provides a dedicated space for newlyweds to be intimate,
share new experiences, create lifelong memories, and strengthen their bond.
A honeymoon marks the beginning of a lifelong adventure.

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How you want to honeymoon is up to you.
Some choose to go on a honeymoon before the wedding – an Early Moon.
What if you and your partner are expecting a baby during the wedding?
Your honeymoon is appropriately called a Baby Moon. 
If you wish to bring your family along with you during your honeymoon – a Family Moon.
Perhaps you would like to enjoy a shortened version of a honeymoon
to give you time to plan for a more elaborate honeymoon in the future.
This is called a Mini Moon. And finally...
what if you are having a hard time deciding where to go for your honeymoon?
She wants to enjoy Europe, but he wants to vacation in the Caribbean ...
Problem solved! A Double Moon. 


Wherever and however you prefer to travel,
at Kensington Traveler, we plan for the kind of Honeymoon
that we all want – a Happy Honeymoon.

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Anniversaries & Engagements

The time has arrived ... youve hit milestones that you simply must celebrate!

Youve earned it and your anniversary vacation awaits ...

Consider a journey to see the inner passageway of Alaska, an exploration of the islands of Hawaii,

an ideal Scandinavian Cruise, a land itinerary that allows you to explore your family heritage,

or just have fun and relax in the sun on a beautiful cruise to the likes of St Lucia, Barbados,
Aruba, Curacao or Bonaire, to name a few of the Caribbean
s stunning islands.

The vacation options are endless. We
re ready when you are!

Anniversaries & Engagements
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Call your Travel Specialist

for more information on our All-Inclusive Vacations.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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